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Our mission is to be the preeminent membership community of entrepreneurs, professionals, and trusted advisors dedicated to each other’s success.

Debbie Harris

Debbie Harris

Trustegrity National Connector

Throughout several “careers”, I have always been the person that people come to for a referral, introduction, or advice. I absolutely love people, love connecting them, and love helping them.  Now I have the wonderful opportunity to build a business around what I have always loved.  

Are you a “Business Connector” looking for a way to monetize those connections into a business?  Discover Trustegrity. Where businesspeople connect, confide, and collaborate to grow their business. We meet monthly in a circle of professions with a common goal of helping each other. It is a rich business experience. 

As a Trustegrity Franchisee, you will own the Trustegrity groups in the franchise area. We provide the methods, training, and full digital web infrastructure to manage your groups & recurring income.  

If you are considering a change or want an income stream that will help you reach your goals, let us chat.  Schedule a chat with me here. I will invite you to experience a Trustegrity meeting.

Trustegrity members meet in a group environment once a month. Group meetings are mostly for two hours. Trustegrity meetings include an opportunity for making connections, business, and industry roundtable discussions, learning opportunities, sharing of resources, and contacts. In addition to the monthly meeting, members schedule a Reconnect Power Group Meeting with a group of two to four other members to foster professional connection

What differentiates Trustegrity from other networking groups? Trustegrity is a professional business community, not a networking group. There are many networking groups that are about quantity, while Trustegrity is about quality. There are groups, and there are business roundtable groups. Trustegrity combines making connections and business roundtable discussions for the benefit of its members.

Who are the Trustegrity Members?

Trustegrity members are entrepreneurs, professionals, and trusted advisors dedicated to success.

  • We value trust, integrity, and confidentiality.
  • Trustegrity provides a platform for making connections, knowledge-sharing, and collaboration.
  • We are passionate about deep professional relationships built on trust and integrity.
Where are your Trustegrity Group Events?

We are forming new business Trustegrity Groups throughout the United States. We are constantly growing new groups nationwide.

Do I have to attend every month?

We encourage our members to attend every month. We understand that periodic scheduling conflicts would prevent members from missing some meetings. Every member is expected to attend at least 10-meetings per year.

When do the Trustegrity Groups meet?

Each business Trustegrity Groups meet once a month for 2 hours. The time and day of the month will typically be on a regular cadence and dates and will be determined by the members of the group.

What happens at a Trustegrity Meeting?

Our business Trustegrity Groups have a set agenda and are ran by a chairperson. The more you participate in round table discussions, the more you extend yourself to the group members, the more you get out of the program. We encourage 100% participation in each discussion. We want each member to feel comfortable with sharing their ideas in all group discussions.

Why join Trustegrity?

It is easier to succeed as part of a community of professionals dedicated to helping each other succeed. Although referrals can be a significant result of being a Trustegrity member, we are much more than a referrals group. Our roundtable discussions provide peer-to-peer brainstorm and knowledge-sharing opportunities. Our meetings are designed for the busy professional. Groups meet once a month so they do not take away from your time at the office. Meetings include an opportunity for higher-level connections, business roundtable discussions, sharing of resources, and contacts. Moreover, you are not limited to visiting just one group. Beyond your homegroup, you can visit any other Trustegrity group up to three times per year. There are also opportunities to connect with members in several U.S. states. Members are allowed participation in up to 24 group meetings per year, 12 group meetings, and 12 Reconnect Power Group Meetings. Every member also has access to our online member directory.

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About Trustegrity

Trustegrity started in 2012 and has expanded throughout the country.  We started because we believed there was a better and more efficient way to connect confide and collaborate with business people.  We believe that the right advice and the right connections make anything possible!

Trustegrity merged with High Achievers and LoopDesk in 2019. Our combined team is made up of over 75 experienced leaders, business coaches, partners, franchisees, regional directors, group chairs, and over 30,000 members across the globe.

Our communities will help local business owners and business advisors with higher-level connections, knowledge-sharing, and meaningful relationships. Join us to connect, confide, and collaborate with trusted advisors.

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